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Food Bags

Our Food Bags have several advantages for both the retailer and the consumer. Pin
For the retailer, they provide a quick and easy-to-use package for serve-over counters, giving a reliable seal. Simply place the product into the bag, remove the protective strip and press the edges together for an airtight, liquid proof seal. There is no dependence on sealing equipment giving counter staff more time to fully interact with the customer.

For the consumer, there is no smell or leakage from the pack due to the excellent sealing, so fish and meat can go in the same shopping basket. The bag feels good to handle and product can be frozen and thawed in it. Also the bag can be recycled as paper. A range of sizes are available. We keep standard generic print bags in stock as well as offering customised prints.

Convenience and dependability for the Retailer:
  • Ease of use and always ready for use
  • Faster than making packs from a roll
  • No need for sealing equipment
  • No bottleneck at the sealing machine during busy periods
  • Hygienic, securely sealed packs
  • Useful for freezing and thawing
  • Sizes to suit different products
  • Competitive cost-in-use
  • Neat standard pack
  • Custom printing helps promote your business