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Food Grade Backing Board

DPG Packaging Ltd supply food grade backing boards for use in the packaging of fish and meat. Pin
Our boards have a high resistance to water, oils and fat. Absorption into the board is kept to a minimum.

Available in gold, silver and black as standard. Other colours can be supplied on request. Boards can also be custom printed with customers own design.

Ongoing research and continuous quality improvements mean DPG Packaging Ltd can supply a wide range of boards and meet all your specific needs.

We hold a range of ‘stock’ board sizes to fit ‘stock’ vacuum pouch sizes. However at DPG Packaging Ltd we understand that all customers’ requirements differ. Therefore bespoke sizes can be produced to fit any pouch.

  • Standard board thicknesses are 800mµ (600gsm) and 1100mµ (800gsm).
  • Standard corner radius is 10mm. Different radii available upon request.
  • All our backing boards are suitable for direct food contact.