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Vacuum Skin Packaging

Our wide range of films and experience allows us to offer the most suitable solution to your requirements. Pin
DPG Skin Film

DPG Skin Films are high barrier films for use as top webs in vacuum skin packaging. Our films settle round the product like a “second skin” without compromising the product structure. Available in various thicknesses our films characteristics include, high transparency, perfect adhesion and outstanding puncture resistance. View our Skin Film leaflet

Lidding Film

Available in many thicknesses from as low as 25mu. We offer films that are suitable for reseal, easy peel, weld seal and with or without anti fog properties. Barrier qualities range from high to medium to low to permeable.

Barrier Films

Different barrier flexible film levels, including high, medium and low barrier, as well as highly permeable films.

Thermoforming Webs

Providing excellent form in deep draw applications. Able to offer down gauging of forming films with equivalent performance to thicker conventional films. Thicker corners and less thermal memory. Easy peel option available. A wide range of thicknesses suitable for various drawing depths and compatible with many popular thermoforming machines.

Printed Films

High Resolution Printing for Food Applications. Offering the highest quality flexo-printed films and most modern technology and raw materials on the market with up to 8 colours. We also have access to a fully trained originations team who are able to work with your designers and your repro house to ensure the artwork is processed in a methodical and stress free manner.