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Barrier Shrink Bags

DPG Packaging Ltd supplies an extensive range of high quality shrink bags. Pin
Shrink bags increase the shelf life of your products.

With a range of gauges starting as low as 55µm, our high barrier materials guarantee excellent puncture resistance, low leaker rates and long-lasting protection. At the same time the product is given a glossy shine to enhance its presentation.

Given its thin film structure and outstanding shrinking properties, this packaging comes with a whole host of advantages.

Advantages of DPG Packaging Ltd shrink bags :-
  • Available in a range of gauges, starting as low as 55µm.
  • Available with or without meat adhesion.
  • Available with straight bottom, round bottom or side seam. Loose or taped.
  • Preventing food from juice separation and prolong shelf life.
  • No product weight or water loss.
  • No liquid in packaging
  • Capable of withstanding cooking or pasteurisation temperatures yet still shrink evenly.
  • May be surface printed in up to 10 colours using flexographic printing.